TwentySix by Larsson & Jennings

TwentySix Magazine - issue two

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The second issue of Larsson & Jennings’ in-house magazine, TwentySix explores the intrinsic link between time and space. We look back to early horology which harnessed the knowledge of astronomy and physics and calculated the cycles of the earth, moon, and sun to create a celestial invention; the clock. The theatre for this celestial play is, of course, the night sky, from where we took inspiration for this issue. Our Night sky-inspired collection of navy dialed watches are captured in a dreamlike campaign, shot by returning contributor Roo Kendall. Elsewhere, TwentySix editor Alicia Waite explores London’s Greenwich, the "home" of the original civil time standard, Andy Singleton depicts a starry Swiss night in paper, we catch up with Esquire’s Style Director, Teo van den Broeke, and photographer Minh T. explores the otherworldly landscape of the American Southwest.