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random-linear 4-way pendant

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Striking grey asymmetrical pendant, with black edges and back. Front grey side has been enhanced with groove-lines of exposed natural leather. Comes with interchangeable gold-plated short chain and black, grey and red waxed cotton long cords …. giving you at least 4 different necklaces in one!

Please note each pendant is handmade, with the position/pattern of the lines being an artistic expression so each pendant is an original.
The pictures are illustrative only.
Please note grooves in the leather have been sealed with wax but as leather is an organic material the lines will darken slightly over time.

Pendants are approximately 7-8cm long and 3-4cm at their widest point. Gold-plated chain is approx. 50cm; black, grey and red cords are supplied approx. 95cm but length can be adjusted as desired when wearing by adding a simple knot in the cord.