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Polygon Earrings - Turquoise with fuchsia edges

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Asymmetrical multi-colour earrings made from leather with clean cut edges picked out in a contrasting colour to give an element of surprise!

Earrings come in turquoise with contrasting fuchsia edges, that have been finished with gloss acrylic edge seal. Earrings are made from acrylic painted vegan leather and fitted with sterling silver earring posts.

Earrings available in: small 2-3cm; medium 4-5cm; and long 6-7cm


The inspiration for the polygon series is my friend Maureen, who is such a funky lady! I was inspired to create jewellery that any age can wear from 20 to 80years, exploiting and highlighting the clean edges that can be created with vegan leather. I tried lots of different colour combinations and edge colours, and these all look amazing!