Ayako Kanari

Magnitude Plait Fishbone Bangle In Golden Blond

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This collection recreates the romanticism and sentiment carried by Victorian Era hair jewellery.

The Victorians lived through a time of great disorder - the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, extreme poverty, fast-changing economics. Death subsequently grew to be a theme of great importance in their culture. While some hair jewellery was created as mourning pieces or “memento mori” (a Latin phrase translated as “remember your mortality”), it was also given as a token of love and friendship from lovers, family members and friends.

All items from the Magnitude Plait collection are cast in solid metal, decorated with a fine plaited hair effect texture to recreate the Victorian hair jewellery pieces.


Width of the band: 5mm

The largest part of the oval: 6cm


Fine yellow gold plated sterling silver

Production Details

Hand-made in a London based studio.

The production of the piece commences on the first working day of order - please allow 6 working days.