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Bottle Green Bug Pouch

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Insects, multiple emotions arise when we think about them. But little do we know that they are the most diverse group of living beings on the planet, play a key role in sustenance of human life and can be found in almost all kinds of liveable environment.


Among the variety of insects, the insect pollinators are essential to the life cycle of many flowering plant species on which most organisms, including humans, are at least partly dependent; without them, the terrestrial portion of the biosphere, including humans would be devastated!


Such a fact was the inspiration behind the ‘Bug Pouch’. An essential for every wardrobe, this pouch offers you the freedom of multilateral use and is compact enough to fit anywhere!


The bug pouch is made of up-cycled fabrics making the inside of each one unique with a different color and pattern.


The ethos of La Kairos is manifested in this accessory which stems from usage of quality fabrics, hand techniques with a focus on sustainability.



Craftsmanship details:


Hand Beaded

Hand Embroidered

Pure wool handmade tassel

Made on 100% pure Cotton Java

Upcycled Inner lining