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Chakri Arc Bracelet Gold

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This collection comprises of a quincunx of shapes based on the sacred 5 tower structures of Angkor Wat. Inspired by this architecturally striking and elegant temple complex in Cambodia, the collection mirrors its Ogive or Lotus shaped pointed temple apexes, its intricate columns and detailed patternation.
Mixing modern, geometric forms and shapes with organic ruin-esque etched surfaces, pieces give the sense of the present and the past assimilating, reviving and renewing the Khmer aesthetic.


The abstract Phra curve symbol is inspired by the epic luminescent display at dawn, when the Sun rises over the Ancient city, and a mesmerising symmetrical reflection is perfectly mirrored in the lotus-studded waters surrounding it. The silhouettes of the 5 major temple apexes create an Arc shape, punctuating the sky with Lotus Bud spires, their powerful outlines towering over the serene waters and contrasting with the golden hue behind them. This elegant bracelet can be worn either way around, with the curve pointing inwards or outwards.


Phra Curve: 4.3cm long,
Fine round belcher chain
Bracelet measures 17.5cm with an adjustment length at 16.5cm and 15cm with a lobster clasp to secure.


Heavy 18ct Gold Plated Brass