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Apollo Ring Silver

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Inspired by the Greek God of the sun, ‘Helios’, who pulled the sun across the sky with his horse-drawn chariot and who wore a crown of sun rays, this collection celebrates the long summer days and adds a touch of the exotic to everyday life. Helios was associated with the God of light 'Apollo' who this ring is named after. Inspired by the ancient Hellenistic lifestyle, this collection evokes an ancient aesthetic, mirroring the feel of treasures that have just been unearthed.


This beautiful ring has been intricately hand crafted from silver. Each sphere of Silver has been made individually and soldered on to create a radiating pattern, mimicking the sun's rays. This delicate contemporary alternative to a 'Diamond' eternity ring is perfect worn on its own, or you can team it up with the gold version. The Dainty fretwork floats over the finger, creating a halo of hexagons around the finger.


Width of Ring at widest point: 8mm


Hallmarked Sterling Silver 925