La Kairos


Living & Resting in Comfort, with Luxury

La Kairos is a supreme soft furnishings brand that prides itself on luxury and life. Defined in Greek Mythology, “Kairos” means to be happy at home. It embodies this literal translation through its ultra luxury top-of-the-beds and home lifestyle accessories. La Kairos stands on the philosophy that bedding can transform not just into art and design but also provide soothing serenity for the super-luxurious souls in all of us.

La Kairos represents the pinnacle of a life-long affair with textiles. The inspiration for La Kairos came from a desire to both, revive the tradition of Indian hand embroidery, and to merge comfort with class in those spaces where we rest and rejuvenate. Every collection is hand-designed, made from natural fibers and is an amalgamation of the designers travel diaries.

Creativity, diversity and history merge to create a new meaning to our home, our bedrooms, and our lives. It inspires comfort and class in a space where life, love, living and family come together. This passion for designing a space that gives us the time, the energy, the focus and the creativity needed to be able to receive everything that life has to offer each day is now what drives us at La Kairos.