Denisse Montáre

As a brand, Denisse Montáre is characterized by its eclectic and avant-garde style. They are inspired art, movies, landscapes, people, feelings, lyrics of the songs they listen to and so on... 

They are lovers of the life, of the enthusiasm, of the changes, of the beginnings, lovers of risk, of the fun and lovers of the different - of what sets you apart from the rest... With that idea they have created a concept that they transmit through their clothes.

All their products are designed and created with top quality materials, made in Spain. Their philosophy tries to capture exclusivity, authenticity and originality in each product that they create. For t-shirts and sweatshirts they have two types of printing: silk-screen printing and digital thermoset printing. Denisse Montáre like to create exclusive t-shirts and sweatshirts, unique and unrepeatable designs for authenticity and style.