Streetwear Streetwear Everywhere.

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Streetwear Streetwear Everywhere.

Streetwear has literally taken over the world of fashion. I mean, it's everywhere!

From the teenagers queuing up for the latest drops at Supreme right up to the Paris Runways! Virgil Abloh presented his new men's collection only a few weeks ago now, and the heritage brand has proven, that streetwear is at the epicenter of all things fashion right now.

From Yeezy to Bieber, up to Louis Vuitton, countless celebrity endorsements, Kylie Jenner the whole Kardashian gang, and just about every other label out there at the moment is cashing in on this undying, ever evolving trend.

And that's the key of its success, its ever evolving, changing, growing, getting bigger, better, more out-there. 

When Kayne West first worked along side Virgil Abloh those years ago at Fendi, would anyone realistically have thought they’d both now be creating trends with such vigour and passion that they sell out in the beat of a heart?

That’s the power of streetwear, its covetable, and in certain cases, affordable. Sure, I’m not saying LV or Yeezy is affordable, but there are more brands out there than you can count, and a big percentage of them are creating looks at just really work. 

Celebrity culture, Instragram, smartphones, all this latter millennial generation affectations that we just can't live without are what really adds fuel to the fires of streetwear success. Prior to these, how else did trends really get set? I mean, there was MySpace, I guess, but that died a necessary death in the water, along with it the ‘emo’ trend, and from one former scene kid to another, I’m kinda glad to see the back of it. 

Back then, if we wanted to kickstart a trend, it was all trickle down effect, the big designers set the trends, the middle market made them, in an affordable way, the high street in an economical way, and there was really no room for movement, or change in this.

But then came the trickle up effect, where big brands become increasingly more and more socially aware, and picked up on the many microcosmic socio-narratives throughout youth culture… fast forward another 2 decades and boom! We have a phenomenon on our hands.

Going back to Virgil Abloh for LV, the guy's a freaking genius! The model choice; perfect. The garments; stunning. The clever use of the LV iconography in a modern, fresh and altogether Virgil way, it's genuinely a seismic shift in the conscious of LVMH group, not only by appointing there first black creative director in any French fashion house, but by appointing one with more swag, and credibility than anyone could’ve ever dreamed possible, even just 10 years ago.

If you take it back, and really really take it back, streetwear wasn’t a trend. It was never intended to be, at least. It found its earliest roots in African American youth culture, 2pac, biggie, all those guys, or more specifically, the millions of underprivileged kids who admired them. They dressed like they did, to emanate these guys, hero worship, hell, god worship! 


And we had punks, there's another branch to street style that sometimes slips to the wayside when you think of streetwear, but it all links back. Vivienne Westwood, starting off on Kings Road, with SEX, amongst other names until we end up ‘At Worlds End’, and now a multinational hugely successful, cat walk strutting, trend setting fashion goddess who’s creations even featured in Sex and the City! 

It's youth culture that started all this off, the kids, they influence everything, if they’re wearing it, and they know they look good, then damn you know that it's gonna take off!!

Celebrity endorsements are really nothing new, either. Whilst in different contexts, brands have relied on celebrities for decades. Joan Crawford and Pepsi, right up to The Kardashians and whatever their name will fit on. 

What we see celebs wearing, is what we want to wear. And if those celebs happen to in have their own eponymous line, then you just know it’ll sell out.

i.e. Justin Biebers line of tour march was probably more exciting than the live show, Kylie Jenners was bigger than her personality, and Kanye Wests Yeezy collections, whilst often given a rough ride, are pretty successful (see, I had nothing mean to say about Kanye, he’s a beast!) particularly Yeezy Boosts, the collab with Adidas, tends to sell out in .34 seconds, so he’s definitely doing something right.

It’s unlikely that streetwear will go anywhere for the foreseeable, its just going to keep growing and evolving, simple reason, there will always be new generations that just want to be a bit different, or to act out, add their own stamp, create something new, and thats what we, at Concept Store Y really rely on, new and creative people making the best streetwear they possibly can. 


We love it, you guys love it, so Long Live Streetwear!


Written By Daniel Hunter

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