Denisse Montáre: Behind the Brand

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Denisse Montáre: Behind the Brand

It’s been more than one year since we collaborated with Denisse Montáre, a Spanish Designer Label characterised by its unique and avant-garde style.

As the new collection has just been launched, Denisse Montáre, the founder and designer gives us some insights into her inspiration for the new collection and her vision of fashion and life.


Where did you find the inspiration to create this new collection?

As a fashion designer and illustrator, the inspiration comes to me from everything that surrounds me.The music, (and the melodies), art, cinema, theatre, literature, urban landscapes, energy, hedonism and funny vision of life.


If you had to describe your new collection in 3 words ,what would they be?

Little bit surrealistic ;)




What would you love people feel when they wear your garment?

I think, Denisse Montáre garments are the perfect partner for the daring, for the ironic, for the sense of humour lovers, for those who want to make a statement through their clothes and seek for a distinctive touch.

And also, for those who want to be different and original :)


More generally, how would you define your style?

I define Denisse Montáre´s style as eclectic, different and fun!




What kind of music are you listening when you work on your designs?

Mostly, I listen rock: classic (60's, 70's) but also rock of the 90's, which marked my youth.


What is your mantra in life?

“Life is a wide range of colors”

Enjoy as much as possible of life and try to be happy, and whatever happens, keep fighting for your dreams.


What role do you think fashion should play in our modern society?

The role that fashion should play in our modern society should be to learn to adapt to people, and not people adapt to fashion.

Everyone is different and unrepeatable. I'm not in favor of following trends, I never follow them in my collections. I believe in the personal style of each person, whatever it may be, being independent of trends that make us uniform.

Be unique, be different and be original! :)

What advice would you give to young designers who want to create their own  brand?

My advice would be: be humble, work hard, discover your own style and develop it, because they will identify you with it.  

And always be true to yourself.              


Thanks Denisse we will keep this in mind ;)

And if you want to see Denisse Montáre collection, check it out here.

Hasta Luego!!!



Written by Sarah Bouchra



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