Fresh Off The Doggy Runway.

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Fresh Off The Doggy Runway.

Every dog has its day, as it were! And they are literally everywhere at the moment, small breeds, big breeds and every thing in between!

Furniture shaped like dogs, vases, lamps, speakers…the list, is endless.

Doggy fashion, harnesses clothes and collars all fly off the shelves as avid fashionistas and their four legged friends eat up  the latest trends.

How did it all come to pass though? Everyone knows a dog is a mans best friend, but when did they get so damned fashionable?!

Take Arlo for example, rocking his Supreme harness like it aint nothin’. And he works Pawlenciaga like a total bad ass!


Dogs (and more specifically their owners, because who else is buying all this?) are crazy in love with anything that blurs the boundaries between pet and accessory. But is this unhealthy? We have to remember first and foremost that a dog is for life, not just for a photoshoot (or Christmas or whatever.)

I've two dogs myself, and I’m no stranger to dressing up the little Yorkie ‘Popsy’. Either a bow in her hair, or a little hoody, or both! She loves to get dressed up wiggle around like a boss! Alma on the other hand, my Australian Shepherd, is more of a fancy collar and lead kinda girl, and thats as far as she will go, Hiro & Wolf are a brand I cannot rave enough about for the fabric choices, textures, prints and quality, they really are the best.


A few years back, Karl Lagerfeld released his own line of doggyclothing, one particular piece being a leather jacket especially for the tiny dog. It was an instant sell out. Nowadays everyone from Supreme, Palace and APC are all doing dog related items, collars, leads, harnesses and clothing, the revenue made on these accessories alone is astronomical, the cross over of markets, pets & fashion, is a very clever and lucrative market.

Christmas is a really excellent time to dress up your dog,  but choose wisely! As you can probably guess from the photo, Pip the Portuguese Podengo was none too impressed by this particular outfit choice, and it was swiftly removed!


If your dog is happy to wear it, then why not? Matching your outfit to your dogs, can be absolutely killer in the style stakes! Not to mention the attention you’ll both get, you get to feel like you’re bonding with your pup on an entirely new level.

A certain streetwear brand made a dog bowl, a little while back, it retailed at $500, and yet it still sold out. It's hard to say whether it was due to it being that specific brand, of whether the dog attachment had much to do with it, given that their drops always sell out, but they certainly know the right way to market their products, and exactly who to aim for.


Of course, the trend doesn't end there, there are sites like hoopnloop who makes the most adorable customised embroidered sweaters/tees with your own doggies face on! like the one below of my Pupper Alma!


We recently stocked several t-shirts by the brand Burger & Friends, with doggy related prints, and they were some of our best sellers, the trend for doggies is here, and its really whipping up a storm!


So dogs, like their owners, either love it or hate it, you can never force it. If your dog enjoys dressing up, and you enjoy dressing your dog up, then do it! If your Pup fusses and tries its hardest to get out, then don’t cause undue stress, it just isn’t meant to be, go out, rock a cool outfit yourself, and go for the walkies of your life! And if you’re lucky enough, like me with Popsy, to have a four legged friend that loves to get fancy as much as you do, you’ll look the part everywhere you go! 


Daniel Hunter



*Cover image and first image courtesy of @Frenchienamedarlo 

* Image 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* of The London Doghouse (@thelondondoghouse) & authors own respectively.

* Image 5* of Burger & Friends  & authors own respectively.

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