Dreamwear, a brand that believes in you

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Dreamwear, a brand that believes in you

Dreamwear is a London-based designer label. Their mantra: Dream, Believe Succeed. A unique streetwear brand that encourages us to live out our dreams.

Its young CEO and founder, T.Nawaz,  gives us some insight of the new 2018 summer collection and shares with us his personal story of founding his own brand.


Hi T.Nawaz, could you tell us a bit about your new collection launched recently?

The Exclusive ‘DREAM' SUMMER 18 COLLECTION is our strongest and most progressive drop to date, we have evolved from a few t-shirts and cap drops to a fresh, diverse (full line of) T-Shirt designs, Hoodies and Joggers. We have aimed to show DREAMWEAR in its true light with this run and most of all exceed our audience needs and wants.


Where did you find the inspiration for this new collection?

It was mainly derived from the brand elements itself i.e. cherub, DREAM and classic Summer colour ways.




Why did you you decide to choose the cherub as your main logo?

Stems back to when I was conceptualising the brand, the idea was to create a iconic, yet unique brand identity (not to mention the theme of dreams itself) just like the all time great fashion-houses Burberry, Versace and Ralph Lauren to name a few.


What do you want to inspire people through your brand?

 We all have greatness with in us and through DREAMWEAR we aim to get people to realise this and ultimately live out their dreams.


                                                                       Video from Dreamwear


The mantra of your brand is ‘’ Dream- Believe-Succeed’’. What is your main dream ? Have you made your dream come true?

To propel DREAMWEAR into a globally recognised company, brand and through this set up initiatives to benefit people and communities where most needed.

Success is a process and i’m a firm believer in timing, with that said all in great time!


What’s the main challenges you had to face when you decided to found your own fashion brand?

 I would say the resistance initially, deciding to go the unconventional route...back where i'm from (environment) was not really embraced or understood. Secondly I would say the most common for independently owned brands ‘financials’ it has been a real test and sacrifice over the years although I wouldn’t trade it for anything or have it any other way!

It has been a true blessing to not only realise my dream at a young age but to also turn it in to a profitable business.

                                                                 T.Nawaz CEO and founder of Dreamwear


Apart from fashion, do you have any other passion?

Music, as it was one of my earlier motivations when pursuing the DREAM…who knows we may delve in to it in some form going forward.


What’s your favorite place in London?

For me its got to be the West End, it's got this cool energy and vibe to it, I also have a appreciation for the architecture and heritage! Not to mention those memorable meetings with fellow creatives and bold promotional activities, events at the early stages.


 Thanks T.Nawaz! and to check out the new Dreamwear collection, you can click here.


And you, what is your biggest dream?


Written by Sarah Bouchra

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