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Remember remember the 5th of November... That's right, you want to remember the bright fireworks spiralling and sizzling in the sky; walking for what seems like forever, to get to what can only be described as a sloppy, sludgy, muddy hill top; drinking a spicy mulled cider and feeling pretty festive, whilst the frosty air touches your face. Sometimes there is a Guy Fawkes roasting stick man, made out of - well, sticks, burning on a heap of more sticks. Despite most of Britain loosing original focus on what the day is about, other than the above, what we do sometimes forget about is how cold it is out there! So, we've put together an edit of sweats, socks and jackets so you don't freeze to death...

(From left to right)

Row 1: Karim Maher Contrast Sweat Top, Ukulele Luella Jacket (in-store), We Are Still BB Rabbit Sweatshirt (in-store)

Row 2: Bundy & Webster Cara Camo Print Sweatshirt (in-store), Cockheart All-Over Logo Socks (in-store), Aloha Pokemon Catcher Sweatshirt

Row 3: #TheKrag Infinity TopAloha Unicorn Sweatshirt, Marbek Blue DPM Bomber Jacket

Stay warm! X


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