Concept Store Y Styling Week  2

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Concept Store Y Styling Week 2

                For this week we have made a Concept Store Y outfit with
                 Aloha From Deer Sweaters 
#For boys ;)
Style the Aloha From Deer Space Station Sweater with a Balmain blue jean , Adidas Superstar Sneakers and a Backpack Bag from OFF White. To complete your style, equip your phone in the Nina Ullrich IPhone 6 Case.
#For girls;)
Style the Aloha From Deer Little Kitty Sweater with a simple blue skinny jean , Adidas Superstar Bananas Sneakers and the Yoshi Lichfield Bloomfield Grab Bag. Again, don't forget to let your iPhone wear the  Nina Ullrich IPhone 6 case .
Don't get annoyed by too many compliments from your  friends and colleagues :P
See you next week!! 


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